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Legislative Advocacy and Issues

The great conservationist, Aldo Leopold, wrote in "A Sand County Almanac": "That land is a community is the basic concept of ecology, but that land is to be loved and respected is an extension of ethics."

We as members of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. want to show our love and respect for our environment. It is our ethical duty do our part to save our environment for the present and the future. We start by trying to play an important role in the preserving of our natural resources. We need to preserve and protect our water, air, and complete ecological community. Be mindful of plants and the part that they play in our lives.

Remember quality and quantity are both needed for our natural resources to benefit us. Doing our part ensures that we will have the quality of life in Georgia that we can appreciate and enjoy.

Martha Price, GCG President 2015-2017

Legislative Day at the Capitol, 2008

GCG Advocacy
With "Beautification . . . Conservation . . . Education" as our Mission, GCG and its Legislative Team encourage individual members to contact their elected officials as constituents, especially about conservation issues. Such GCG efforts are defined as volunteer citizen advocacy, acceptable for a 501(c)(3) organization.

  • Most years include a Legislative Day at the Capitol to meet/meet with Legislators and focus on specific Bills or Position Paper points. In 2017, Capitol Conservation Day will be held on February 15th in partnership with the Georgia Water Coalition. Plans call for a Breakfast Legislation Briefing at 8 a.m. at Central Presbyterian Church located across the street from the State Capitol. Breakfast is complimentary to those registering by Feb. 9th. If members cannot "get to the church on time", then they may join the group at the Capitol at 10 a.m. for a photograph with the governor, followed by the opportunity to meet with local legislators to share concerns with them. Click here for complete details. Deadline for reservation for complimentary breakfast is February 9. Wear Green!

    Here is the official registration link for CCD 2018. Click here to register.

  • GCG Listservs facilitate timely email contact with GCG State Board members in seven GCG Districts, and with individual garden clubs, councils, and members.
  • Publications including Garden Gateways, District newsletters, and Board Briefs, and GCG and District websites also spread periodic advocacy and issues information.
  • GCG invites members of the Georgia Legislature as guests to meals during events that alternate or rotate among Georgia cities and towns. Such occasions provide opportunity for garden club members and elected officials to meet informally and locally.
  • GCG and members cooperate and network with conservation groups. Membership in conservation organizations is encouraged.One of these groups is the GA Water Coalition. Each year they publish a Dirty Dozen list of offenders that harm Georgia's waters.
  • GCG holds periodic Legislative Seminars or workshops at State Convention; local seminars are also encouraged.

GCG Position Papers
Advocacy and IssuesPosition Papers provide background information and reference points, and can also suggest club program topics. GCG encourages continued self-education on local, Georgia, and national issues. Each Bill for which GCG suggests volunteer constituent advocacy is evaluated for its adherence or lack thereof to the applicable Position Paper or Papers and to the GCG Mission.

Note that Position Paper titles include the year the Paper was first approved by the GCG State Board of Directors. They are reviewed in even numbered years. If revisions are made and approved, the word "revised" and the applicable year will appear at the bottom of each Paper. If no revision is made, each paper will be followed by "reviewed" and the applicable year. All Position Papers were reviewed in 2016, and some were revised.

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