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Awards Program

At the 2008 National Convention, Sara Lanier, President of the Garden Club of Georgia was presented the Landscape Design Education Award by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. for the most comprehensive and effective state program of education in landscape design, informing the public of proper landscape design practices with benefits derived from developing plants for proper homes, schools, parks, roadside, communities, cities and regions. The book of evidence was prepared by Virginia Pennington, State Landscape Design Consultants President. Left to right: Virginia Pennington and Sara Lanier.
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. operates an active awards program for its membership. The purpose of the awards program is to recognize the achievement of an individual, a club or group of clubs which further the goals and objectives of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., the Deep South Region, and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Awards Applications

  • GCG Application for State Awards
  • GCG Application for State Awards WORD
  • GCG Standard Flower Show Achievement Award Application
  • GCG Standard Flower Show Achievement Award Application WORD
  • DSGC "Native Plants & Community Gardens" Award Application
  • National Garden Clubs Awards Application
  • NGC President's Special Projects Awards Application

    Awards Programs
  • 2017-2019 GCG Awards Handbook
  • 2017-2019 Oleander Awards Application and Descriptions
  • Garden Club and Council Codes
  • 2017-2019 DSGC "Native Plants & Community Gardens" Rules
  • NGC Rules, Info, Applications
  • National Garden Clubs Awards Program
  • National Garden Clubs Special Projects 2017-2019

    NGC and Club Logos

    Awards are many and varied. Perhaps a local garden club has completed an outstanding project which restored a historic gazebo on the town square. The club would be eligible to apply in several different award categories. If chosen as a state winner, they are rewarded with recognition for their work and have the satisfaction of knowing the completion of their project bettered their community.

    A highlight of the annual Garden Club of Georgia convention is the elegant and exciting awards banquet. The hardworking winners are asked to come forth and receive their awards and the applause. The awards are kept top secret until they are announced at this glittering event.

    Award categories are also available on the Deep South regional level and the national level. Hundreds of award categories are available. The applicants must document their work and must provide information indicating the scope of their achievement. Most award categories strongly encourage cooperation within the community and youth involvement. The Awards Committee of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., administers the awards program.

    Garden club applications shall be judged according to size determined by number of members on whom GCG dues are paid, including Active, Associate, Inactive, Honorary, etc.

    Small club of 29 members or less
    Medium club of 30-59 members
    Large club of 60 - 99 members
    Ex-large club of 100 members or more

    As a State organization federated with the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. (GCG) is a national leader of awards won. The annual NGC convention usually finds GCG in the winner's circle, winning more awards than any other state federation.

    Georgia Plants - Georgia Wins
  • June 2017

  • At the 2012 National Garden Club Awards, the Cassina Garden Club on St. Simons Island won First Place for their club newsletter. Pictured are Joanne Scott, Janis Rodriguez, Kay Harrell and Leslie Carlton.

    Cassina Garden Club also won a 2012 NGC Certificate of Commendation for Historic Preservation. Left to right are club members Anne Aspinwall, Ruth Kolumber and Janis Rodriguez. Congratulations!

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