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Roadside Beautification


See bottom of this page for details.

Wildflower Program
The Wildflower Program began in 1974 when Mrs. Virginia Hand Callaway, then chair of the Birds and Wildflowers Committee of the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., spearheaded the movement to plant and protect wildflowers on the roadsides. GCG in partnership with Georgia DOT began a program to protect the roads wildflowers and promote the seeding of annuals and perennials as enhancement to the state's highways. Within recent years, the planting of spring bulbs has also brought earlier blooms to the major expressways. This unique program of a volunteer organization rewarding government employees is recognized nationally as a model for other states.

Awards are presented by GCG each year to participants in the Highway Beautification Awards program co-sponsored by GCG and Georgia DOT.

State and District Chairmen encourage local garden clubs to make donations to this effort. Clubs who donate at least $25 receive a certificate of appreciation at the annual meeting of GCG. See Donation for the form to use to send your donation. Click Honorarium/Memorial donation if you would like to honor or memorialize someone with your donation.

Rue Anemone


Pineland Petunia

Wildflower Digital Photo Contest
Attention!!!! For the past 2 years GCG sponsored a Photo Contest which created an appreciation of our wonderful Wildflower Heritage. We encouraged you to go outdoors and view/photograph wildflower beauty and share that with others. Winners of the contest were announced at both the 2015 and 2016 GCG Spring Conventions.
GO WILD FOR WILDFLOWERS! - We are sponsoring the contest again.
See this page for details and rules for entering this year's contest.
Then go outdoors and photograph your favorite wildflowers. Use the application in WORD to submit your digital photographs via email.

Questions? Contact Wildflower Chairman, Evelyna Rogers

Click here to view all the 2017 entries to date.

Here are our 2016 Winners:
First Place Honors to Ruth Edgar, Town View Garden Club, Rome, Laurel District
Second Place Honors to Irma Rodriguez, Beautiful View GC, Buena Vista, Magnolia District
Third Place Honors to Judy Howerton, Town View Garden Club, Rome, Laurel District

Trumpet Vine - 1st Place - Ruth Edgar, Town View GC , Rome

Yellow Cone Flower - 2nd Place - Irma Rodriguez, Beautiful View GC

Mtn. Laurel - 3rd Place - Judy Howerton, Town View GC Rome

Click here to see all the 2016 entries.

2015 Winners were:
First Place Honors to Ruth Edgar, Town View Garden Club, Rome, Laurel District
Second Place Honors to Nancy Mitchell, Cumming Garden Club, Cumming, Laurel District
Third Place Honors to Kathryn Rachels Fowler, Soperton Garden Club, Soperton, Oleander District

Phlox - 1st Place - Ruth Edgar, Town View GC , Rome

Kudzu - 2nd Place - Nancy Mitchell, Cumming GC

Shoals Spider Lily - 3rd Place - Kathryn Rachel Fowler, Soperton GC

Click here to see all the 2015 entries .

Black-eyed Susan License Plate

The new Purple Coneflower License Plate

Wildflower Auto Tag
Following legislation in 1998 and 2001, the Georgia DOT partnered with the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. to design and manufacture the Wildflower Auto Tag. The auto tag created by Georgia DOT Artist Stan Smith features the Black-eyed Susan which was chosen based on its extensive familiarity among Georgians.

Individual members are encouraged to purchase a Wildflower Tag for their family automobiles at their local tag office and a $10 portion of the extra $35 annual fee will go to fund the Wildflower program.

Daffodil Project
In the spring of 2007, Georgians witnessed daffodils bursting from the ground along side major expressways. In an effort to extend the window of blooming flowers along the roadsides, Georgia DOT landscape architects chose daffodils which require little maintenance and are simple to plant.

They called on the expertise of Jaydee Ager, Executive Director of the American Daffodil Society and former President of the Garden Club of Georgia, to help choose the best varieties for Georgia roadsides. With her insight, they selected Narcissus "Ice Follies," Narcissus x odorus Linnaeus (Campernelli), and Narcissus "Carlton" varieties as the most suitable and dependable.

"The daffodil varieties selected will tolerate the harsh roadside environment and they will come back each spring," said Ager. "Georgia DOT officials made an environmentally sound, economical decision to add popular daffodils to their ongoing roadside beautification effort."

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