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Welcome to the Garden Shop!

Publications from the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

"Expressions" Engagement Calendar
The "EXPRESSIONS" Committee is pleased to announce The Garden Club of Georgia's newest publication, Celebrate! "Expressions" 2018. We are celebrating the 90th birthday of The Garden Club of Georgia all year long. Celebrate! "Expressions" 2018 features sections on our own history, scholarships and scholarship recipients, gardeners in each district who have made significant contributions to the world of gardening, the oldest active club in each district, public gardens throughout the state, and, of course, our calendar preprinted with GCG important dates. The cover and the lead page for each section of our book will feature a beautiful design creation from one of our own fantastic group of floral designers.

WHY PURCHASE a 2018 "EXPRESSIONS" - The most important reason for this publication is to raise funds to support our Scholarship Fund. Celebrate! "Expressions" 2018 will include a list of those students awarded $62,650 in scholarships by The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. You will see several notes of thanks from these students for helping them make their future dreams come true. All profits from sales of this publication go towards The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. SCHOLARSHIP FUND so we can keep making dreams come true. Almost half of the scholarship funds available come from the sales of "Expressions" each year!

HOW TO PURCHASE - If you belong to a garden club, your president must place an order through your District Calendar Chairman. They will be ready for pickup at all the October District Annual Meetings. There are several places on the GCG Website to find an order form.

Click here for a 2018 "Expressions" order form.

You may also find order forms on your District webpage as well as the GCG Forms webpage.

If you are not a member of a garden club, ask a garden club member friend to purchase a copy for you and ask about joining this wonderful organization. We would love to have you as a member and have you share your talents with us and maybe learn a little along the way. If you would like to become a Garden Club of Georgia member, call 706-227-5369 or

GIVE Celebrate! "Expressions" 2018 as a GIFT - These make great gifts for that someone you are not quite sure what to give; members of your Bridge Club, your child's teacher, your postman, or even your massage therapist, just to name a few! Hurry and get your order in today. We are publishing 3200 copies this year, but expect to sell out of these, too! Once they are all sold, that's it, so first come, first serve! Orders received by September 1 will be ready for pickup at October District meetings as long as supplies last. Orders after September 1 will be filled as long as copies are available. The cost is $9.00 plus tax. Shipping charges will also apply if your order is not to be delivered at your District meeting.

As stated above, all profits go to SCHOLARSHIPS awarded to students in the University System of Georgia majoring in a type of horticulture degree. See our Scholarships page for further details. Encourage a worthy student you may know to apply. Order your 2018 "EXPRESSIONS" today and help make dreams come true.

A big thanks goes out to these people for getting the 2018 "EXPRESSIONS" together and printed. It is not an easy task!

"EXPRESSIONS" Editor - Marilyn McDonnell
"EXPRESSIONS" Marketing Chairman - Janet Carn
GCG President - Jane Hersey
PUBLISHER - Imedia Group, Macon Georgia

New BeginningsNew Beginnings: A Book of Installations
Installation books are available from Headquarters. This helpful publication offers a number of installation ceremonies that your club may wish to use when installing new officers. Spiral bound with 119 pages. $15.00 plus shipping and tax.

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