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Corporate Membership

A Corporate Member shall be a commercial entity that is committed to the purpose and objects of GCG and desires association with the State Federation. GCG may refuse the Corporate Membership application of a commercial entity that is deemed incompatible with the mission of the State Federation. A Corporate Member has no voting rights and cannot participate in the Awards program, but is welcome and encouraged to participate in all other programs and events.

The annual dues for a corporate membership are $250.00 and are payable no later than March 1.

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Corporate Membership Application

Name of Commerical Entity:
Please state the nature of business conducted by above:

Contact Person:
Business Address:
Business Phone:
Email Address:
Web site Address:

Please complete the above application, include a $250 check made payable to the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., and send to:

Bonnie Nash, Business Manager
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.
2450 Milledge Avenue
Athens, GA 30602-5817

Phone: 706-227-5369
Fax: 706-227-5370

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