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Community Wildlife Project

Annual CWP Workshop in Forsyth, Ga.

Staff at the Non-game Division Office shows GCG members how they safely capture hummingbirds and band them for research purposes. Here, Terry measures the hummer's beak with a caliper.

Close up of hummer in hand

Here is a photo of the sign you may purchase after your Backyard has been certified.Click here for further details.

The Community Wildlife Project (CWP) is a joint effort of GCG and the Department of Natural Resources Non-game Division. Its purpose is to better manage non-game wildlife and plant habitats in rural, urban, and suburban communities.

For well over ten years, homeowners have been certifying their backyards through this program. Although this is a Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. project, you do not need to be a Garden Club member to participate. Please encourage all Georgia residents to participate in this easy and important program. It's a win-win situation! By caring for and protecting our wildlife through Backyard Habitats, we also create wonderful viewing environments. As an added bonus, your club receives points on the annual Club President's report if you have members with certified backyards.

After your yard is certified, you may purchase a sign to post in your yard to proudly announce your certification. You may also obtain decals to add to the sign for Hummingbird, Nesting Boxes, and coming soon...Native Plants. Click here for further details.

Participation categories include:

Some of the criteria for CWP are:

  • attracting birds by planting wildflowers
  • ensuring protection of wetlands
  • utilizing native trees and shrubs in landscape
  • educating the public sector on wildlife needs through nature trails and outdoor classrooms
  • attracting non-game animals to private and public lands by creating nesting islands in brush, rock piles and tree cavities

Complete the forms available above and see if your yard qualifies to be a "Certified Wildlife Habitat."

For further information, contact Terry Waith, GCG Community Wildlife Chairman, at 404-252-4473 or by email at

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