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The Garden Club of Georgia offers adult education in a number of different subject areas. The instructors are phenomenal and all our courses are accredited by National Garden Clubs, Inc. Garden club councils or one of our seven Districts might sponsor the various courses in different parts of the state.

Brencie Werner, Johnnie Berry, Joy Zaidan and Kathy Kennedy enjoyed the tour of different types of landscapes during the 2007 course at Hastings.
Read a detailed description of each series of courses and see if it is currently being offered near you. All course series require a subscription to The National Gardener magazine published by National Garden Clubs, Inc., $18 for a three-year subscription. To subscribe to The National Gardener or to order any of the specified text books, call or write:

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110-3492

Native Plant Symposium
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
The Terrace Room, GCG Headquarters
2450 South Milledge Avenue, Athens

Four native plant experts contributed to this daylong program which looked at wildflowers, native plants, and related landscape and conservation issues. This symposium was co-sponsored by the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium
The South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium will be held Wednesday, March 28, 2018 in Tifton. The annual symposium, a daylong event, is co-sponsored by The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., Camellia District, and the University of Georgia. The attendees enjoyed a day of learning about the beauty and the benefits of native plants and about protecting Georgia's natural resources. The symposium featured regionally known speakers. Click here for more information and registration.

Consultants Symposiums
GCG offers symposiums or joint meetings for the members of the three consultant groups: Landscape Design Consultants, Gardening Consultants, and Environmental Consultants. Symposiums serve as a "refresher" to maintain one's credentials. The meetings or marvelous tours are of interest to all—and a much appreciated benefit of being a Consultant. Click here for scheduled events.

A very successful Tri-Consultant refresher was held at the Research and Education Garden in Griffin with a presentation on the planned community of Serenbe. Also included was a visit to Senoia. This was one of the most well received refreshers. Kudos to Gail Berthe!

The group admires the ecologically and beautifully designed parking lot dotted with grass plugs.

Garden Tidbits Blog
Alan Thiese shares his knowledge about flowering plants and shrubs that grow in the Gardens of his Macon (West Bibb County), Georgia home. Alan invites everyone to participate by sharing their comments to his blog. We here in Georgia have a great heritage of sharing the beautiful things that grow in abundance around us. Garden Tidbits Blog.

Basic Horticulture Course
For the gardener who cannot devote the time to attend a two-day course away from home, a set of short courses has been developed by NGC to provide instruction in basic gardening practices. Basic Horticulture Courses are a series of six, one day informative classes designed to give basic information to novice as well as experienced gardeners. There is a seventh optional course designed to promote Native Plants. The courses are to be taught by knowledgeable local personnel. The order in which the courses are offered should coincide with the garden year, i.e. Trees and Shrubs is best offered in the fall, Annuals, Biennials and Perennials in the spring, etc. It is hoped the course will attract both garden club members and community residents. See this page for course offerings. The subject topics are listed below:

  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Annuals, Biennials and Perennials
  • Herbs
  • Food Gardening and Soil Preparation
  • Improved Cultivars
  • Indoor Gardens
  • Native Plants

Redbud District produces a monthly Basic Horticulture Newsletter about gardening in Georgia, available by email from editor Gail Berthe.

Dogwood District is hosting a very successful Gardening Study series. Here students and faculty are smiling before the exam!
Gardening Study
The purpose of the Gardening Study Course is to bring an understanding and a beginning knowledge of basic gardening and horticulture to each student. Topics covered are the growing and identification of plant material, simplified botany, soil structure, growing annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, lawns, pests and diseases of plants, plant propagation and specialized styles of gardening. There are four courses offered in the two-day sessions. Courses are usually spaced six months apart. Upon completion of all four courses, passing the exams and complying with all requirements, National Garden Clubs, Inc. members become Qualified National Garden Clubs Accredited Gardening Consultants. Required text is Living With Plants by Donna Shumann, and a National Gardener subscription. See this page for course offerings.

Landscape Design Study Program
This curriculum, offered in a series of four courses, covers a wide range of subjects: landscape design and its history, landscape architecture and horticulture in the landscape. After successful completion of all four courses students will become Landscape Design Consultants. These courses comprise a two-day series of classes and are taught by professional instructors. Required text for the series is Stewards of the Land: A Survey of Landscape Architecture and Design in America ($40 plus shipping and handling) published by National Garden Clubs, Inc. Also required is a subscription to National Gardener. Courses do not have to be taken in chronological order; for instance, if you take courses 1, 2, and 4 in one District but miss the 3rd, you can attend that course in another District at a later time. See this page for course offerings.

These happy students enjoyed their Environmental Studies Course, co-sponsored by Redbud and Azalea Districts. Left to right: Jean Givens, Jane Johnson, Beth Weilage, Gail Berthe, Dollie Harper, Terry Waith, and Lorraine Loftis.
Environmental Studies Schools
This curriculum is offered in a series of four, two-day courses and covers many aspects of environmental science: water conservation, air pollution, land conservation and endangered species. The National Garden Club's accredited program does not require one to complete the courses in order. Some of Georgia's most qualified speakers will update us on our precious resources. Successful completion of all four courses is required to become a member of Environmental Consultants. Click here for course offerings.

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