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Club members at the Yellow Daisy Flower Show
Learn to Design with Flowers!

Are you interested in learning about artistic design and flower shows? One of the many educational opportunities available from the Garden Club of Georgia is the art of interpretive design about which you can learn more at one of our Flower Show Schools. Study is offered in three basic areas: horticulture, design, and flower show procedure.

State Flower Show Schools Chairman
Jane Johnson
809 Reynolds Street, Millen GA 30442
478-982-5660 Home
770-598-7846 Cell

Interpretive DesignThe lovely design featured at left is an award winner and was done by Helen Lane of Rome, Georgia. Helen is an accredited Master Flower Show Judge, credentials she has earned by study and participation. This design won the coveted Tri-Color Award at a Garden Club of Georgia State Flower Show, held in conjunction with the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia.

The show schedule asked Helen to interpret a theme in her class called "Trendsetters," and the overall section theme was "Ideas to Inspire." Helen was required to stage her design on a grey-beige pillar, 40 inches high, that had a 16-inch round top. She was required to utilize all fresh plant material and she chose to do a synergistic design. A definition of a synergistic design according to The Handbook for Flower Shows, a manual published by the National Garden Clubs, Inc., is a design which "has three or more units of plant materials, containers, and/or other components showing common characteristics, designed to create an artistic whole. Unity is achieved by color, form, and repetition." Helen's design certainly reflects that definition, don't you think? Notice the contrast and interest the plant materials provide. She used some very common and some very unusual plant materials to create a colorful and unique design. The list of materials included are: celosia, scotch broom, poke berries, pom-pom mums, lilies, dusty miller, sedum, aucuba, and bear's paw.

This outstanding design was featured in our engagement calendar, Pathways—Georgia's Pride, which is an annual fundraiser project for the Garden Club of Georgia. Proceeds from the sales of calendars is used for our scholarship program. Helen is a member of the Spade and Trowel Garden Club of Rome, Georgia, and the Creative Study Club. She was named Flower Arranger of the Year in the 1998 calendar. Her design was photographed at the show by Ken Hill.

Joining a member garden club and attending a Flower Show School sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., can be your first step to learning how to create an artistic expression of design such as this one. Perhaps you only want to know how to grow the flowers and plants that are included in this design. We can help you there, too! Horticultural knowledge is a big part of the Flower Show School curriculum. At the Garden Club of Georgia, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone!

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