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Garden Gateways

Victoria Chandler, Editor and Art Director

Dorothy Lee, Associate Editor and Text Editor

The magazine Garden Gateways is the official publication of the Garden Club of Georgia, and serves as the liaison between club members, the state, regional and national organizations.

Garden GatewaysGarden GatewaysGarden Gateways

It is published quarterly and mailed to all club members. This glossy covered 32-page magazine features interesting articles on horticulture and environmental concerns as well as announcements of upcoming garden club events. Clubs are invited to submit information regarding anniversaries or major projects. Advertising is gladly accepted and helps offset the printing costs. Submitted material should be typed and mailed or emailed to the editor. High resolution photographs may also be emailed. Editorial deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring Issue (March, April, May): January 15th
  • Summer Issue (June, July, August): April 15th
  • Fall Issue (September, October, November): July 15th
  • Winter Issue (December, January, February): October 15th
  • Advertising deadlines are 10 days before each date above

A sample rate sheet and contract is available.

A one year Garden Gateways Subscription is $13.00 for non members.

Garden Gateway Staff Editor/Art Director
Victoria Chandler
305 Muller Lane #9058
Ellijay, GA 30540
706-273-0620 (cell)
678-840-7891 (fax)

Associate Editor/Text Editor
Dorothy Lee
2931 Hendriske Road
Young Harris, GA 30582

Circulation Manager
Bonnie Nash
State Headquarters
2450 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30602-5817
706-227-5370 (Fax)

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