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GEORGIA! Keep It Green and Clean

Phase One of the GEORGIA! Keep It Green and Clean anti-litter campaign was a yearlong, statewide media blitz in cooperation with the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

The second phase of this campaign was the production of a youth environmental education video with an anti-litter message targeting 8-10 year olds. The purpose of this video was to make students aware of litter and its consequences, instilling in them the value of reducing litter in Georgia and how they can help make Georgia a more beautiful state. The video was distributed to every public, private and military elementary school in the State of Georgia, all at no cost to the school systems.

In addition, each school received a workbook that can be reproduced to reinforce the litter lesson. The eight-page workbook, designed with its young audience in mind, featured eye-catching graphics and reader-friendly typography, providing hands-on activities and suggestions for participating in fun anti-litter solutions. The State Board of Education agreed the workbook complied with their Quality Core Curriculum Standards and was age appropriate for 8-10 year olds. Our youth will enjoy and remember this video and workbook, and they'll take away with them the knowledge of how and why littering is such a destructive force. Further, they'll gain the motivation to help solve the littering problem. Our hope is that children will prevent their parents from being litterbugs!

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