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Habitat for Humanity Landscape Projects

Members from several Dogwood District clubs work together to landscape a Habitat for Humanity house in Atlanta. Plants were donated by many club members and nurseries, or purchased with grant money from GCG fundraising projects.
The Garden Club of Georgia continues to support the National Garden Clubs, Inc. project of landscaping Habitat for Humanity homes in our communities.

GCG encourages all Garden Clubs to work with their local offices of Habitat for Humanity to locate homes in need of beautification. Clubs can do plantings, provide gardening tools and supplies, and educate new homeowners on the care and maintenance of their new landscaping.

Upon completion of such a project, a form should be completed to document the club's work. This will enable our state chairman to submit a report to the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer Workshop

Spalding Garden Club members Annette Dwyer (l) and Julia McClanahan (r) receive thank you gifts from NGC for their outstanding presentation of Julia's national award winning Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer Workshop.
For many years, Julia McClanahan organized members of her Spalding Garden Club in Dunwoody (Dogwood District) to put on a workshop for Habitat for Humanity homeowners in Atlanta, sharing their knowledge and showing first time homeowners how to take care of their new plants and landscaping. Club members obtained donations of hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, additional plants (mostly from member's home gardens), etc. and provided them to the homeowners free of charge at the workshop.

This project was so successful that Spalding Garden Club won a National Garden Club award for their efforts and were asked to present their program at the 2004 National Convention. With funding from both GCG and Dogwood District, Spalding Garden Club produced CDs for all garden clubs in attendance at the convention, so they could return to their communities and share the information. Congratulations to Spalding Garden Club. This is an example of how garden clubs throughout the state can partner with other organizations to benefit our communities.

Our goal for the next two years is for districts, garden clubs, and councils to become involved in landscaping H4H homes and educating those homeowners in all districts across our state. Clubs. Contact your district H4H chairman to find out how to apply for grant funds for your projects.

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