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Mountains to the Sea

The Garden Club of Georgia's successful youth project "From the Mountains to the Sea" began in 1999.

This phase of the project consisted of a six-day traveling youth environmental camp. This unique out-of-doors, hands-on experience with nature was in partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resource. Children eleven and twelve years old experienced the excitement of traveling from Georgia's mountains to its coastline while learning to be environmental stewards of the land. This beyond the classroom experience for our youthful campers now has a new direction.

Our Special Youth Project has evolved into "Mountains to the Sea—Phase II." It begins with the introduction of a new Web site that is a learning tool for children of all ages. Four campers begin their journey in the Georgia mountains and learn about the environment as they "travel" all the way to the sea. Mountains to the Sea will teach you about Georgia's special types of terrain, plants, and animals in a fun and unusual way. Travel with our four cyber campers and experience this spectacular journey that will continue the Garden Club of Georgia's Special Youth Project. Please visit our Web site! Click to:

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