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Programs Supported by GCG:
Marshall Forest Land Trust

The Land Trust Program began as a Bicentennial partnership between NGC and the Nature Conservancy. The goal is to heighten public awareness of the critical need to save our ecologically unique lands.

Marshall Forest
In 1966, the Marshall Forest was selected by the Department of the Interior to be Georgia's first "Natural National Landmark." Since 1976 the Marshal Forest has been designated the "Land Trust" project for GCG. For many years this relic forest of 293 acres within the city limits of Rome has been a natural laboratory for scientists and students. Once a part of Cherokee Nation lands, it is one of the few remaining old-growth forests in the Ridge and Valley Province, a geographical and ecological corridor that extends from Pennsylvania to Alabama. The forest area ranges in elevation from 600 to 900 feet and supports more than 300 species of plants. Garden Clubs are encouraged to visit the forest, especially the Braille Trail. Deed of Gratitude certificates will be given annually to all garden clubs donating $25 or more before March 1st. Nature Conservancy article on Marshall Forest >

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