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National Garden Clubs Projects

The 2015-2017 NGC President's Special 2-Year Project "Service in Action" is intended to increase awareness of the seriousness of the demise of pollinators and amphibians and to encourage conservation and protection efforts by clubs, the general public, and governmental agencies.

Often called the first bio-indicators; amphibians and pollinators by their presence, abundance, and activities reveal the state of their ecosystems. Pollinator and amphibian populations are declining worldwide through the effects of pesticides, habitat destruction, diseases, parasites, global warming, and introduced predators. Education, habitat conservation, and protection of at risk populations are issues we can change through our actions.

Sandra Robinson, NGC President, asks club members to participate in the following projects to further the goals for the 2015-2017 term:

Click here National Garden Clubs Website or "Leap Into Action" for further details.

NGC Special Projects Chairman
Virginia Pennington
GCG 3rd VP and Chairman of NGC Projects

Here you can see part of a Mason Bee house with the tubes in which they lay eggs.

NGC and Crown Bee Partnership
As part of NGC President Sandra Robinson's focus on "Preserving Our Pollinators" the NGC partnership with Crown Bees and their BeeGAP program will continue to be an important focus for her 2015-2017 term.

Please watch this Solitary Bees video. Joe Lamp'l and Crown Bee founder Dave Hunter are discussing the importance of solitary bees and the ease of having mason bees. It even shows Joe building a bee house and filling it with tubes rolled from scrap paper around a pencil. It will take about thirty minutes of your time but is well worth it. Everyone should also check out the Crown Bees website. Under the Learn Tab you can download a mini-course explaining everything you need to know about having mason bees in your garden. Read it online or print it out, and be sure to explore all the other options at Crown Bees.

Remember, NGC has partnered with Crown Bees to help raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and to offer fundraising opportunities to your clubs. If you have any questions, please contact our BeeGAP State Chairman, Sandra Walker at 478-495-6195 or

NGC Water Projects
National Garden Clubs, Inc. believes it is imperative that we support and undertake proactive initiatives for the protection, conservation and restoration of the quality of the Nation's coastal waters, wetlands, aquifers, watersheds, lakes, rivers and streams, through educational programs, conservation efforts, increased advocacy and partnerships with related government agencies, and state and national grassroots water coalitions. Read more at Water Projects.

Penny Pines Program
NGC and the USDA Forest Service are proud to have formed a "Penny Pines Program" partnership sustaining our national and urban forests through this reforestation/forest education program. Your garden club can participate by contributing $68 to a Penny Pine plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement trees and/or trees indigenous (Not Just Pine Trees) to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe. You may designate a specific State you wish to have benefit from this contribution.

Checks should be made out to the National Garden Club and donations mailed to Barbara Bourque, 6445 Holland Drive, Cumming GA 30041. For further details see this page.Penny Pines

Plant It Pink
NGC continues to promote awareness of breast cancer issues and encourages our members to plant areas of pink flowers in our public landscapes, at hospitals, cancer centers, and other sites in order to raise public consciousness. See the NGC website for more details.Plant It Pink

NCG Ongoing and Outreach Projects
National Garden Club has many more ongoing and outreach projects, and GCG actively supports many of them as you can see from our list of projects. We encourage our clubs to develop programs to promote these projects or donate funds to support the activities. See the NGC website for more details.NGC Projects

Deep South Region Projects

The 2015-2017 Deep South Region Theme "Service Through Action" addresses the fact that to serve our communities by beautifying, conserving, teaching others, etc., requires Action. The Deep South Unified Regional Project "Community Action" will direct state organizations and clubs to initiate a project or projects within their communities involving Environmental Efforts, Gardening Efforts and/or Educational Efforts. This two year project will involve DSR Clubs, State Organizations, and Youth. See the Deep South Region website for more details.

Deep South Region Awards Application
2015-2017 DSR Unified Regional Project Award Rules

DSR Special Projects Chairman
Virginia Pennington
GCG 3rd VP and Chairman of DSR Projects

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