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National Garden Clubs Projects

The 2017-2019 NGC President's Special 2-Year Project is "Plant America" with a singular focus on gardens and gardening. The words of this theme can either be a command to service or a description of what NGC garden clubs do. This concept supports the results of a recent survey at a meeting of the NGC Board of Directors that the main reason people join a garden club is to learn about gardening.

This theme can cover any and every aspect of gardening; horticulture, garden design and community service - even water issues, as one cannot garden without water! It applies to every kind of garden: Blue Star plantings, vegetable gardens, community gardens, container gardening on town streets, neighborhood plantings, etc.

Nancy Hargroves, NGC President, asks each state to consider choosing the same theme so that we can have a unified feeling of all states working together on a main focus of gardening. NGC has often received feedback that it has too many focuses and projects, so the president's goal for the next administration is to simplify by concentrating on one area on the national level.

The Plant America initiative, President Nancy Hargroves's signature project, emphasizes the cornerstone elements of gardening: the variety of garden types; the elements required for healthy, sustainable gardens; an awareness of environmental issues; and resources to provide needed funds to put garden plans into action. See the NGC website for more details and to donate to Plant America.

NGC Special Projects Chairman
Betty Davis
GCG 3rd VP and Chairman of NGC Projects
706-650-1863 (H)
706-394-1667 (C)

Penny Pines Program
NGC and the USDA Forest Service are proud to have formed a "Penny Pines Program" partnership sustaining our national and urban forests through this reforestation/forest education program. Your garden club can participate by contributing $68 to a Penny Pine plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement trees and/or trees indigenous (Not Just Pine Trees) to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe. You may designate a specific State you wish to have benefit from this contribution.

Checks should be made out to the National Garden Club and donations mailed to Betty Davis, 3725 Wexford Drive, Augusta GA 30907. For further details see this page.Penny Pines

Plant It Pink
NGC continues to promote awareness of breast cancer issues and encourages our members to plant areas of pink flowers in our public landscapes, at hospitals, cancer centers, and other sites in order to raise public consciousness. See the NGC website for more details.Plant It Pink

NCG Ongoing and Outreach Projects
National Garden Club has many more ongoing and outreach projects, and GCG actively supports many of them as you can see from our list of projects. We encourage our clubs to develop programs to promote these projects or donate funds to support the activities. See the NGC website for more details.NGC Projects

Deep South Garden Clubs Projects

The 2017-2019 Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc. Regional Director, Ann McCormick's, Special 2-Year Project is "Plant America Southern Style."

DSGC "Native Plants & Community Gardens" Award Application
DSGC "Native Plants & Community Gardens" Project Award Rules

DSGC Special Projects Chairman
Betty Davis
GCG 3rd VP and Chairman of NGC Projects
706-650-1863 (H)
706-394-1667 (C)

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