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Community On My Mind Program

In 2005, the Community On My Mind Program was established with monies provided by the Georgia Power Foundation to help and encourage local garden clubs and councils to implement civic improvement projects which provide public benefit. After those funds were depleted, the GCG Board decided it was such a great project, that it has continued to fund this Grant with monies from the GCG Treasury. We wish to support community projects undertaken by our member garden clubs.

These could be any project which beautifies or conserves in a community setting, and benefits citizens of that community. Projects which benefit only private entities or private institutions are ineligible for grants. Please see the Community On My Mind packet (PDF) (MS Word) for this year's guidelines and application information.

The Garden Club of Georgia "Community on My Mind" grant of $200 awarded to Iris Garden Club in honor of Katherine Gomon's 100 Trees Project was used to purchased 2 Red Maple trees for the ceremonial planting in Historic Pendleton King Park during the March 1, 2014 "Arbor Day in Augusta" event. Iris Garden Club president, Pat Hathaway, dedicated the trees in honor of Garden Club of Georgia President Suzanne Wheeler and Treasurer Brenda Griner with funds from the "Community on My Mind" grant plus additional funds from the account of Iris Garden Club's Katherine Gomon's 100 Trees Project. Augusta Woman's Club, Suburban Woman's Club, Iris Garden Club, Augusta Council of Garden Clubs, Garden Club of Georgia members, families, and friends were invited to attend this event held at 10am on Saturday, March 1, 2014 in Pendleton King Park in Augusta, Georgia.
Garden Clubs or Councils may apply for a $200 matching grant for qualifying projects. As of September 2015, there have been nearly 300 projects that received the COMM grant, resulting in thousands of GCG dollars that local clubs or councils have used to beautiful their communities over the years. The GCG garden clubs and councils are urged to continue to apply for the COMM grant. In 2015, Oleander District made a wonderful $1000 donation to this fund. The GCG Board continues to add monies to the fund as well.

While matching funds may come from the treasury of a club or council, applicants are urged to seek matching funds from other non profit service organizations and community groups, thereby spreading awareness of garden club work. Questions about this grant program should be directed to:

Sherle Beck
Civic Improvement Chair
150 Plum Nellie Lane
Brunswick, GA 31523

Putnam County Library is one of the few original Carnegie Libraries in Georgia. The Town and Country Garden Club in Eatonton carried out a landscaping project with help from a Community on my Mind grant.

Remember, applications must be accompanied by a Proposed/Completed Project Financial Statement, including proof of other matching grants, or donations of goods/services. Everything is included in the packet of information.

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