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Position Paper 2003:
GCG Supports Public Lands/Greenspace

Revised 2016

Since its founding in 1928, The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. has proudly acknowledged its horticultural stewardship, ever mindful of our verdant heritage and considering it a sacred duty to protect those natural resources so generously loaned to each of us.

Georgia's natural resources are rapidly being depleted. GCG strongly believes our public lands and resources should be managed under a mandate of conservation stewardship for future generations.

Legislation must be put into place which protects public lands and their resources, together with responsible management of them.

Therefore, the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. supports:

  • Designation and increased protection of wilderness areas.
  • Conservation of land for watersheds, scenic beauty, and recreation.
  • Creation of community parks, greenspace, and scenic vistas.
  • Preservation and protection of historic landmarks, landscapes, working lands, parks and national preserves from exploitation.
  • A dedicated source of funding for the expansion of green space. At the federal level, the Land and Water Conservation Fund should be permanently authorized and fully funded. In Georgia, a permanent source of dedicated funding should be established.
  • Conservation and preservation of flora and fauna, especially native species, and the eradication of invasive plants on public lands.
  • Enabling legislation authorizing county and municipal governments to establish trust funds for parks and greenspace, river protection and scenic vistas.

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