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Position Paper 2004:
GCG Supports Endangered and Protected Flora

Reviewed 2016

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. promotes the goals of beautification, conservation, and education. The flora of the state of Georgia is very much part of this total mission.

The importance of plant life including Native Plants and the environment are of utmost significance to GCG. It is necessary to shelter Protected and Endangered Plants by preserving habitat and developing Improved Cultivars while maintaining their genetic identity for use in commercial and residential landscapes. GCG promotes the elimination of existing Invasive and Exotic Species as well as controlling the introduction of new and potentially Invasive Plants. GCG advocates Xeriscaping, Bog Gardening, and Water Gardening.

GCG promotes planting a variety of species to create diverse landscapes in planned gardens and roadside beautification. GCG encourages strict enforcement of Georgia's Endangered and Protected Plants List. The awareness of this list and the materials available to comply with conservation of flora are essential elements in the task of preservation.

Glossary of Terms

Bog Gardening—Maintaining and/or developing small ponds or pools in the commercial or residential landscape in which plants requiring these conditions can be grown.

Endangered Species—Those plants in danger of becoming extinct without due diligence as designated by Federal or State Departments of Natural Resources.

Exotic Plant—Any plant introduced by foreign encroachment.

Improved Cultivar—Any plant resulting from natural or human hybridization having qualities superior to the original plant.

Invasive Plant—Any plant which threatens to overwhelm existing plant species by rampant growth and/or preventing survival of existing plants.

Protected Species—Plants which may not be hindered in their growth by any means because their species is nearing extinction; they are protected by both state and federal legislation.

Water Gardening—Developing small ponds or pools in the commercial/residential landscape in which plants requiring those conditions can be grown.

Xeriscaping—Using limited water to maintain plant growth; plant selection, use of mulches, soil condition, and proper drainage contribute to the practice of xeriscaping.

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