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Position Paper 2004:
GCG Supports Responsible Litter Control and Waste Reduction

Reviewed 2014

There has been a per capita increase in solid waste disposal in Georgia since 1995. Approximately ten million tons of materials are going into Georgia landfills each year. The state has failed to meet the 25% waste reduction goal set by the 1990 Solid Waste Management Act. Litter strewn along its landscape has negative effects on the environment as well as on the health of Georgia's wildlife and citizens.

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. supports initiatives that will:

  • Conserve Georgia's natural resources.
  • Improve the appearance of Georgia's roadways and waterways by preventing accumulation of trash.
  • Enforce litter violations.
  • Encourage the manufacture of safe, reusable, and recyclable products.
  • Establish guidelines to promote reduction of waste at the source by favoring minimum or reusable packaging, fewer disposables, and less toxic, more durable products.
  • Enforce existing statutes for separate collection and safe and proper disposal of toxic materials.
  • Provide stricter fines for waste and illegal dumping.

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