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Special Projects

The Garden Club of Georgia President, Jane Hersey, is promoting a special project: "Gardening in Georgia" - Details Coming Soon

Native Plants

Chairman Virginia Pennington is promoting the use of Native Plants in your home landscaping. Using native plants in your garden can be a big help with regard to water usage. Although not every native plant is drought-tolerant or carefree, one big advantage is that they are more adapted to our heat and humidity.

The University of Georgia - always a great resource - has published four great compilations of native trees & shrubs, ferns, wildflowers, and grasses you should consider for your landscape.

Native Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines

Native Wildflowers

Native Ferns

Native Grasses and Sedges

Check out this fantastic photo guide, featuring flowering native plants organized by bloom time.

Native Plants of North Georgia

What a wonderful planner. Here are two sample photos:

Plant Bloom Time: APRIL-MAY

TRILLIUM, VASEY'S. Trillium vaseyi
General Characteristics: Perennial, 12-24 inches tall.
Leaves: Whorl of three, solid green, 4-8 inches long.
Flower: Solitary, maroon, 2-5 inches across, stalked and nodding, three petals somewhat to strongly recurved. (Photographed with flower erect.)
Found: Rich woods from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee to southwest Georgia and eastern Alabama.

Plant Bloom Time: JUNE

WOODLAND PHLOX. Phlox carolina
General Characteristics: Perennial, growing up to 20 inches.
Leaves: Widely spaced pairs, 1-2 inches wide, lance-like, sharp-tipped.
Flower: Pale blue to red-purple, tubular with five lobes, stamens extend beyond the flower.
Found: Rich, moist woods from Vermont to Florida.

Georgia Native Plant Society
GNPS is a member of GCG and a fantastic resource for information and a source of plants. If you live in the Atlanta area, please consider becoming a member of the society. Click here for further info.

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