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Recap of 2008 Wild and Wonderful Summer Youth Camp
Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center
July 20-22, 2008

Sunday afternoon when the children arrived at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, they were amazed at the beauty of the camp. For the first adventure, Karen Hoydick of CEWC took them on a hike to gain "Eagle Eyes," "Deer Ears" and a "Coyote Nose." There was a series of games to develop all their animal senses.

First photo: Jordan with the biggest fish, a 3-pounder. Second photo: Wesley holding his fish. Third photo: Lanier holding hers. Fourth photo: Wynter helps Emily catch her first fish ever!

Next on the agenda, the students built Bluebird Houses and learned how to attract birds to their gardens. Jim Pelletier a volunteer from Walton County 4-H demonstrated the "building" process. The students each built one birdhouse for themselves and the group made two extras and gave them to CEWC.

During the evening hike entitled "Creatures of the Night" the children learned about owl adaptations and looked for owls. As the darkness came, they met the Charlie Elliott Astronomy Club in the star gazing field and the club members allowed the children to use their huge telescopes and pointed out many constellations and nebulae.

Monday morning, after a great breakfast, Tim Blue of CEWC took the campers fishing where they must have caught 150-175 fish at the children's lake! All fish caught must be thrown back in the lake. Jordan caught a 3-pound bass and all the kids did well and had a wonderful time.

First photo: Pete Griffin with eagle. Second photo: Susan Turner helping Wynter and Katie build birdhouses. Third photo: Camp participants with finished birdhouses.

Susan Meyer explained to the campers how to attract, identify, and tag butterflies. They played games to reinforce what they learned and planted dill, parsley and milk weed to attract the butterflies.

Tuesday morning everyone hiked to the Ager Discovery Center where students learned so much about Georgia's Wildlife. Pete Griffin, of CEWC, taught the group about the various Endangered Species of Georgia. During this time the children got close up to a snake and a Bald Eagle. By lunchtime, no one wanted to leave to go home. This included all the leaders, too!

Thanks to all the leaders who assisted us: Molly Kimler, Susan Turner, GCG President Sara Lanier, Jim Pelletier, volunteer from Walton County 4-H, and Beth Wells, our camp Nurse. Appreciation is given to Violet Dawe and Susan Meyer for coming out to camp to present such wonderful and educational programs for us all. Thanks to the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., and the Deep South Region—by way of a grant given to GCG to help with the project—for supporting this camp. Lastly, we also wish to express our thanks to the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center for hosting us and providing such interesting and fun programs, educators and facilities to meet our needs.

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