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Programs Supported by GCG:
LeConte-Woodmanston Plantation

On June 6, 1977 GCG accepted 63.8 acres of the historic Woodmanston Plantation property in Liberty County. In March 1992, GCG transferred ownership to LeConte-Woodmanston Foundation and in April 1993, the Foundation received confirmation of non-profit tax status.

Slave cabin and Tung tree on the grounds of Woodmanston Plantation
The 18th- to 19th-century rice plantation, located in Liberty County, was originally 3,300 acres in size. It was threatened by the Spanish during their occupation of Florida, as well as by certain Native Americans in the area. It was home to the famous LeConte family and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Current structures and features include the home site, a pavilion, a period tool shed, a slave cabin, a gazebo, an office, the nature trail, gardens, and the Jean Clyatt Avenue of Oaks.

The nature trail leads over a trunk canal to former rice fields and a cypress swamp. Signs identifying plants and wildlife are in place along the trail and coastal wildlife is plentiful year round.

To join Friends of LeConte-Woodmanston at one of the following levels:

  • Student—$15
  • Garden Club/Individual—$25
  • Family—$35
  • Supporter—$100
  • Sponsor—$250
  • Patron—$500
  • Benefactor—$1,000 or more

Send a check payable to LeConte-Woodmanston Foundation, P.O. Box 179, Midway GA 31320-0179. For information on programs, contact:

Sue Edenfield
720 Wood Valley Rd
Waynesboro GA 30830

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