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GCG has partnered with the Office of the Governor and the Department of Economic Development to produce a video for Garden Week in Georgia, introduced by Governor and Mrs. Nathan Deal, and also featuring Caroline Silcox, former President of the Garden Club of Georgia (2011-2013). View the video.

Convention News: See the Convention page for updates on the NGC, Deep South, and GCG Annual Conventions being held this spring.

Wildflower Digital Photo Contest: Attention!!!! GCG is sponsoring a Photo Contest. Get outdoors and start snapping pictures. See the lower section of the Roadside Beautification page for further details and application form.

GCG Position Papers - revised: The Position Papers have been revised in late 2016 and are now posted on our website. Click here to read the various positions GCG takes on major issues.

Consultants Symposiums and Meetings: There will be a Tri-Consultants Meeting in Fort Valley on February 8, 2017 followed by a tour of Massee Lane Gardens, home of the American Camellia Society. Click here for the details and registration form.

Massee Lane

Expressions 2017: We are excited to announce the publication of the 2017 "Expressions" Calendar. We are celebrating OUR GEORGIA. There are beautiful photos of historic homes and facts that make Georgia rich in history. Recipes from many famous Georgia restaurants and chefs that will make your mouth water just reading them.
Please click here for more details and ordering info.

Scholarship News: The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. continues in its commitment to the future of our state's young people and is proud to announce that in 2018-2019, $75,000.00 was awarded to 31 students; in 2017-2018, $65,153 was awarded to 27 students; for a total amount of $140,153 awarded to 58 Georgia college students majoring in garden-related areas during this administration. Over 70 applications were read and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee.

This Barred Owl has taken up residency in the tree right outside the window at the top of the stairs at Headquarters.
View the video.

Meet Jane Hersey,
President for
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